Feeling overwhelmed?

Make Marketing Manageable

Lead Better • Sell More • Get Organized

Strategy First

Your roadmap to sustainable business development

Marketing Managers

Guides to make the journey smoother and faster

Fractional CMOs

High level support to get you through rough transitions

Power-up Groups

Professional peers sharing the journey

C.Green & Associates helps when you:
  • Don’t know where to start.
  • Get too busy to follow through.
  • Need a new strategy to reach the next level.
  • Want to hand off work but not lose control.​
Hiring a marketing manager helps growing organizations maintain control.

With our “Plan as You Grow” system you…

Save Time

By using simple templates and proven processes.

Stay clear about priorities

With someone to unite the team and keep everyone focused on what’s important.

Flag unnecessary expenses

Because if tactics are not generating a solid return, they need to be eliminated.

The process is simple

Call to do a marketing map

Clarify your current position and identify opportunities for quick income.

Hire a manager

Get the support you need to plan and implement effective outreach.

Work confidently

With simple checklists and professional support.


Without hiring staff

CMOs get paid $150-200K. Raise revenue first. You can hit your next million using a Marketing Manager or Fractional CMO. C.Green & Associates puts a team of consultants at your disposal, and you only pay for what you need.

Marketing Guides provide experienced counsel for executives who are new to their role or for owners who are ready to scale. Fractional CMOs get it done for you.


Get a return on your marketing investment


Fresh Portal chooses to work with C.Green & Associates for our marketing needs because they have developed a sustainable marketing process that produces results. 

We didn’t want a bloated in-house marketing staff. We hired Carolyn because she’s nimble, and she and her team are a multiplier of our marketing dollar.

Jeremy High
Fresh Portal

We brought in C.Green & Associates to market the early-stage launch of an artificial intelligence cryptocurrency prediction engine. They were able to articulate a very complicated concept with speed and accuracy. We were delighted with their work and were able to sell the prediction engine for $10 million.

Andrew Southwell, CFA
Managing Director
SSK Capital

Steady marketing drives sustainable growth!

At C.Green & Associates (CGA) we know you are working overtime to generate sales and yet sometimes that is still not enough. For over 20 years we have guided business leaders who are tired of chaos as they implement sustainable business development systems. 




Certified Team

Besides our Plan as You Grow program, CGA is certified in Duct Tape Marketing’s proven Strategy 1st system and our staff includes a Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA).

Trusted Company

Founded in 2002 and incorporated in 2013, our team has over two decades of experience helping clients in the manufacturing, construction, health/mental health and professional services industries grow and scale.