Maximize Your Property’s Value with These Easy Updates


When it comes to selling a Whistler property, most owners have two goals: maximize the property’s sales price while minimizing the time it will take to sell.

One of the best ways to achieve these goals is to make small but impactful updates to the property before it hits the market. These improvements won’t break the bank, but they will elevate the way your property appears to prospective buyers.

These updates are particularly effective if it’s been awhile since you’ve given your property some cosmetic TLC or if your property has been rented – especially as a short-term rental, where wear and tear can accumulate quickly.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Repainting a room is arguably the single most effective way to make the space appear cleaner, larger, and brighter. This is a worthwhile investment if your rooms are currently painted in non-neutral colours and/or if the walls are generally looking tired.

Opt for a neutral shade like gray, white, or beige. Lighter colours typically make a room feel bigger and brighter.

Scrub the Floors

Bring new life to old carpets by giving them a good steam cleaning. If carpets are tattered beyond cleaning, consider getting new carpet installed; alternatively, you might consider upgrading to hardwood or a high quality laminate, which is usually well-received by buyers.

Focus on the Views

Many properties in Whistler boast incredible views of the local mountains. Potential buyers want to be able to picture themselves waking up to epic views of Whistler and Blackcomb on a bluebird day – and you can help them visualize this by sprucing up your windows.

Washing your windows (both the interior and exterior) can make the views come alive, especially if it’s been awhile since they’ve been properly cleaned. Window treatments also go a long way. Ensure that blinds and curtains are clean, and double-check your curtain placement; you want them to frame the window, not block the views.

Landscape – or Shovel

Curb appeal still matters! Little things – like pressure washing the front steps, fixing a loose banister, or repainting the garage door – can go a long way in helping create a positive first impression.

Just about any Whistler home looks fantastic after a dusting of snow, but clearing some of it is important, too. By shoveling the driveway and the front walkway (or hiring a professional to do this), you’ll make it easier for prospective purchasers to focus on your house, not on the snow seeping into their shoes.

Attend to Minor Repairs

It’s easy to put off tackling minor fixes in the moment, but now is officially the time to attend to them. Kitchen drawers that are off track, dripping faucets, the hole in the drywall you never bothered fixing – buyers notice these small details. When they see small fixes, they often start wondering about what else might need fixing that they can’t see.

Change the Light Bulbs

A well-lit room presents so much better than a dark one, so make sure those burned out bulbs are replaced. Choose bulbs that emit a warmer light in a brightness that’s appropriate for the room. For example, bright lights work best in a kitchen, while a softer light is better for a bedroom.