Negotiations – Beyond the Purchase Price

When buying or selling real estate, there is often a lot of focus on the sales price. It is logical that buyers want to pay the lowest price possible, while sellers aim to keep the price as high as they can.

Because price is so important, it is often a key factor when it comes to negotiations. Offers and counter offers go back and forth, each party striking out the previous price and suggesting a new one in its place.


There’s no doubt that price is a point of negotiation in buying and selling a property – but it is only one of many factors that can be negotiated in the contract of purchase and sale.

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What Is a Property Disclosure Statement?


When you decide to sell a property, you will quickly learn that there is quite a bit of paperwork associated with the sale. Among the forms that you’ll be presented with is one called the Property Disclosure Statement (PDS).

So what, exactly, is the purpose of this form that asks you about the history of your property? Do you have to fill it out? What if you don’t have all the answers? Not to worry – I’ve answered these questions (and more) so that you understand exactly what it is you’re filling out.

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Is Now the Time to Sell Your Whistler Property?


Raise your hand if this sounds familiar:

On the one hand, you’re in no rush to sell. You’ve had your Whistler property for several years now, and sure – it’s not getting as much use as it once did. But you still enjoy heading up every now and then, and it’s nice to have when friends stop by.

On the other hand, you’ve heard the Whistler real estate market is heavily favouring sellers right now, and you’ve wondered more than once whether it was worth the efforts and costs of maintaining the property when you’re spending so little time there. Maybe this would be a good time to think about cashing in…

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How to Sell Your Whistler Home by Winter


Whistler is firmly in a seller’s market and demand is ramping up for the upcoming ski season – it’s the perfect recipe for selling your Whistler property.

Like clockwork, as soon as the summer weather fades, the inboxes of Whistler real estate agents get a little fuller as prospective buyers start thinking about the winter season ahead. Read more How to Sell Your Whistler Home by Winter

Selling a Property With Long-Term Tenants


Selling a property with long-term tenants – whether living in the main home or in a separate suite – is a relatively common occurrence in Whistler.

Showing courtesy to your tenants and staying on top of legal requirements can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. The key is ensuring that all parties – the owner, the tenants, and your Realtor® – understand their rights and obligations, communicate effectively, and show mutual respect.

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5 Tips to Selling Your Home in Summer- What You Need to Know



The temperature is heating up and the real estate market is showing no signs of cooling. When selling your home in summer there are additional things to consider in order to show your home in the best light possible to potential buyers. In Whistler, the real estate market continues at a steady pace during the summer months, and July and August are an excellent time to showcase your property to out-of-town buyers. Due to the unique aspects of the Whistler property market including a high percentage of out-of-town investors and recreational property owners, there are special considerations to keep in mind when listing your home in the summer.

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