Whistler Real Estate – 2016 Year to Date Sales Stats

2016 has been a record breaker year for real estate in Whistler. Selling conditions are as favorable as they have been in over 15 years.

Increased sales activity and a steady increase in values has been seen across all segments of the Whistler market this year. There are no signs of slowing, as we approach the ski season (with a huge amount of early season snow!)

Year to date Sales Statistics to the end of the 3rd Quarter:

Anybody with an interest in Whistler real estate is watching how (1) the new Whistler Blackcomb ownership structure and (2) the current ‘stall’ in the historically active Vancouver market will effect the Whistler real estate market. However, the continued high level of buyer interest, the forecasts for visitor number for the winter season, and the continued attractive Canadian dollar are all indicating that we will not see a change in the current conditions in the near future.

Please call Dave with any questions on these statistics and current market conditions and to discuss how this accelerated Whistler real estate market may effect you and your Whistler real estate.